Who Will Save You?

The Unity of Scripture

Is the Law of God a Curse?

A Call to Repentance

The Agony of the Crucifixion

The Apostle Paul's Teaching on Justification
in the Book of Galatians

Are God's Laws of Unclean Meats
Upheld Under the New Covenant?

The Biblical Truth About Sabbath Keeping

Binding and Loosing in the NT

The Blood of the New Covenant

The Book of Proverbs

Christ Was Taught Directly by God the Father

Confessions of Sunday Keepers
Concerning the Sabbath

Did Christ's Sacrifice Bring
an End to the Law?

Did Jesus Abolish the Seventh-day Sabbath?

Did the Apostle Paul Teach A Righteousness Without Law Keeping?

Did the Apostle Paul Teach Against the Laws
and Commandments of God?

Did the Apostle Paul Teach Gentiles To Avoid
God's Sabbath and Holy Days?

The Four Great Love Commandments

Fourteen Rules for Bible Study

God's Seven Annual Holy Days

Halloween Now Christened a
"Fall Festival"

Has Christ Given Christians "Rest" from the Seventh-Day Sabbath?

Have the Ten Commandments Been
Nailed to the Cross?

How Did Jesus Christ Fulfill the Law
and the Prophets?

How the "Christian" World Has Been Deceived?

How to Study the Bible

Isaiah 29:16: Our Upside-Down World!

Is the Law of God a Curse?

It's God - Not the Economy and Politics!


The True Jesus - The Only Savior

After Baptism, What's Next?


letter J

Jesus Christ-Lord God of the
Old Testament and Son of God

Jesus Christ-Spiritual Lawgiver

Letter L

"Learn Not the Way of the Heathen"

letter n

Ninety Facts About God

One Man's Life-and Death

One Perfect Sacrifice

Passover, Lord's Supper, Communion,
Sacrifice of the Mass-Which?

Rome's Challenge to the Protestants

70 Parables of Jesus Christ

Seven Proofs God Exists

Should Christians Celebrate Easter?

Sunday-Christian or Pagan?

Temple Mount at Jerusalem

Tribute to William Tyndale

Twenty-Eight Prophecies
Fullfilled On the Crucifixion Day

The Unity of Scripture

What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?

What Does It Mean Born of God?

What Happens to the Dead?

What is the Purpose of the New Testament?

What is the Spirit of Man?

What is the True Reward of the Saved?

What Is the "Unpardonable Sin"?

Whatever Happened to Moral Absolutes?

When and How Will Jesus Christ
Return to the Earth?

Were the Commandments "Abolished"
Through Jesus' Sacrifice?

Which Day of Worship Did God Make Holy?

Who and What is a True Christian?

Who Is Jesus Christ?

Who Will Save You?

Why Is Christianity Failing in America?

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Who Will Save You?

70 Parables of Jesus Christ

Temple Mount at Jerusalem

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